1.  ​​Are Foil Wheels Handbuilt?​

Yes,  all wheel-sets are handbuilt to exacting tolerances and must pass stringent quality control prior to being shipped to the consumer.

2.  Can I use any carbon specific brake pad with my wheels?

No - Foil Wheels should only be used with the supplied brake pads.   Failure to do so may result in damage too or failure of the rim - leading to serious injury or death.

3.  Are there any rider weight limitations for Foil Wheels?

Yes - The recommended maximum weight is 120kg (260lbs) for all rim depths and builds.

4.  How about import taxes?

Foil Wheels is an international factory direct operation.   All wheels are shipped direct from our manufacturing facility in the Far East.  Import taxes (if applicable) are the responsibility of the purchaser and maybe levied on arrival. We advise all customers to check their respective countries regulations.

5.  I crashed in a local race and have damaged my wheel what can I do?

We are here to get you back "Foiling" as soon as possible.  We are pleased to offer a 40% discount on the purchase of a new rim or wheel in order to get you back on our wheels as soon as possible.   Please contact info@foilwheels.com for your unique discount code.

6.  How long will it take for my order to ship?

If a wheel set is in stock it will be shipped within 2 working days. For items not in stock, We aim to have all orders shipped within 5 working days of order.   As all wheels are hand built upon order confirmation and at times of high demand this may increase slightly - We will inform you of any anticipated delay upon confirmation of order.